Unique Reasons to be Grateful for Health Care Plans

Not very many people enjoy talking about their insurance plan during Thanksgiving. On a list of “Top 10 Things to be Thankful For,” you’d rarely imagine insurance being anywhere on that list. However, believe it or not, there’s a possibility that may change by enrolling in a Medi-Share Plan!

How Is Medi-Share Different From Insurance?

Medi-Share is one of the largest organizations which couples the Christian faith and medical needs. Participants are required to attest to Christian values, and as such, the money paid into the program every month goes towards assisting other clients’ needs as they arise.

In essence, Medi-Share is a faith-based option for Christians to share each other’s burdens on a national scale. Alternatively to paying a traditional monthly premium, participants pay “shares” towards active medical needs–which gives you immediate proof of where your monthly payment goes!

The Cheaper Option

When ObamaCare was implemented in March of 2010, Americans learned the realities of deductibles changing on an annual basis. One participant in the Medi-Share program, after doing the math of what his medical needs would have cost with ObamaCare, realized he saved over $5,500 by using Medi-Share.

Medical Assistance Available 24/7

One of the hardest things about medical insurance is knowing when you need to call a doctor. With the price of office visits, nearly 50% of Americans skip a doctor’s visit because they are unsure whether talking to a physician is worth their time and money. Ever been there?

With Medi-Share, users have the opportunity to take advantage of MDLive. MDLive allows you to have either a phone or video conversation with a Medi-Share supported physician free of charge. This built-in service can alleviate the stress of wondering if going to the doctor is the best next step for you to regain health. MDLive is available to you anytime you need assistance. What a relief!

Things To Remember

Although Medi-Share fulfills the requirements for insurance, it is not an alternative to health care but is rather a medical assistance plan. It may feel odd to feel thankful for a program that seems so unique and isn’t a traditional plan, but the value is in the numbers.

For over a quarter of a decade, Medi-Share has assisted hundreds of thousands of Christian families pay off several billion dollars of medical bills and needs. And the greatest part? That assistance came solely from others who share your faith and want to meet you in your need, even if they don’t know you personally.

And that is how health care can get on your top 10 things to be grateful for this year.