I Can See Clearly Now; How Vision Insurance Saved Your Turkey Day

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in Kosciusko County or elsewhere, it always seems to happen when you’re in a rush to get ready for your family gathering for the holidays: You reach for the perfect seasonings to compliment your Thanksgiving turkey, and you realize you can’t see anything on the spice rack.

Does the spice jar say onion or oregano? Is the recipe calling for pepper or paprika? Before you know it, instead of enjoying your time with family, you’re suffering from a headache and frustration because you realize you just…can’t…see!

Why Sign Up For Vision Insurance?

If you’ve ever found yourself in that scenario–or if you’d rather prevent it from happening–considering signing up for vision insurance may be your best idea to guarantee the same occurrence doesn’t happen next year.

While some vision insurance plans have a waiting period after you sign up for coverage, knowing that you’ll have the best assistance in eye care moving forward will certainly be something to be thankful for. Generally, vision insurance plans provide annual eye exams and eyewear assistance–often including discounts– for a yearly fee or reasonable co-pay.

Benefits Of Vision Insurance

No matter how reasonably priced vision insurance is, it may be hard for you to foresee justifiable reasons to sign up for it. However, here are a few important benefits to keep in mind when weighing your need for coverage:

One: Yearly appointments covered: Whether you consider yourself to have good eyesight or not, having regular exams done with the same doctor’s office is crucial to guarantee your vision’s health. Most trips to the eye doctor are considered preventative, which is always a benefit to your wallet as well as your vision.

Two: Assistance in purchasing eyewear: Glasses are a necessary part of many Americans’ lives, but depending on your particular needs–whether it be a certain look, or lens made specifically for your unique vision–glasses can cost you hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Vision insurance assists you with costs of either your glasses or your contact prescription–whichever you prefer.

Three: Most health insurances put limits around your benefits if you have a preexisting condition, however, most vision insurance carriers do not let that stand in their way of helping you get coverage. If your health insurance plan will not cover your vision’s health because of a preexisting issue, vision insurance may be your greatest option for eye care assistance.

Get a Quote Today

If vision insurance is a brand new idea for you, choosing the right plan can be overwhelming and confusing. Why not talk to a reliable insurance agent local to Kosciusko County like Michael Suhany to help you answer your questions and get you on the right path to consistent eye care? It’s never too late to add “great insurance” to the things you’re thankful for this year!