Medicare Benefits You Need To Know About

Do you just regard Medicare as the insurance plan for senior citizens? Did you know there are cases in which this rule of thumb becomes more of a guideline, and you can apply–and receive–Medicare long before you reach the age of 65? In these instances, it’s possible for you to have Medicare on top of other insurances, such as VA benefits, Medicaid or an employer-based insurance plan.

Three Main Things Which Can Qualify You

So, as someone younger than 65, when could Medicare apply to you?

One: Receiving Social Security Disability– If you qualify for Social Security Disability Income, and have been receiving benefits for 24 months, you can receive Medicare assistance. Keep in mind that though your Social Security income allows Medicare Part A to come to you at no charge, you must pay for Medicare Part B. The premium for Part B will be be deducted from your Social Security Income.

Two: Lou Gehrig’s Disease–Also known as ALS — can immediately qualify you for Medicare assistance at any age. It’s common for this exception to come with a premium-free plan for Medicare Part A–which is your hospital visits. However, if you want to add Medicare Part B to your overall Medicare plan, you must pay a monthly premium which averages at $144 a month. This also applies to anyone suffering from kidney failure in need of dialysis.

Rules Which Still Apply To Your Application

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, here are some other facts to keep in mind.

Legal residency– You must be able to claim legal residency for five years before applying and receiving Medicare assistance. If you think this may be a questionable issue for you, make sure you have all the paperwork needed to prove your residency within the United States.

Health Savings Accounts matter– If you receive early Medicare enrollment, you are no longer able to add to your Health Savings Account, though you are allowed to use whatever funds are already in savings.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Now that you’ve been made aware of the possibility that Medicare can assist you before you turn 65, asking someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable is of the utmost importance for ironing out the details. If you are in the Kosciusko County area, look no further than Agent Michael Suhany in Warsaw. You don’t need to let such a great benefit go unaddressed any longer!