The Impact Of A Health Checkup

When it comes to our priorities, it’s easy to place health checkups at the bottom of the list. Why are we not prioritizing our own health as much as the health of our car or house? There are many reasons we don’t visit the doctor as often as we should. Keep reading as we outline why we avoid health checkups and why we should be putting our health first.

Why do people avoid health checkups?

While we make up many excuses for avoiding a doctor’s appointment, the root of the problem is our anxiety. 

Too Busy

Perhaps the most popular excuse out of them all, people usually claim to be “too busy” to go to the doctor. Most employers will allow you to take time off to attend a medical appointment. If not, you may have to use an hour or two of sick time to go to the doctor. 

If kids are holding you back, ask a friend or family member to watch them during your checkup. 

Don’t Feel Sick

It’s a common misconception that you only need to go to the doctor when you are sick or something else is wrong. It is recommended that you visit your primary care doctor every three years if under 50 with no pre-existing conditions, or every year if over 50 years of age. At the end of your next doctor’s appointment, be sure to schedule your next one.

Fear of the Unknown

For some, fearing the worst can hold them back from visiting the doctor. It’s easy to imagine horrible scenarios in our heads, but odds are, everything is fine. Knowing is better than not knowing when it comes to any medical or health problems.

No Primary Care Doctor

Most adults are busy finding the best doctors for their children, they forget to find a primary care doctor for themselves. Finding a new doctor can be daunting, but doing your research and asking for recommendations is the easiest way to find a new health care professional.


If you are without health insurance, going to your health checkup can be scary when you don’t know how much you’ll owe. The good news is, there may be financial assistance programs available to you. Talk to your doctor’s office to see if they have financial aid available or can recommend someone to you. They will also be able to estimate your costs before you book your appointment. All you have to do is ask!

What are the benefits of routine health checkups?

There are many benefits to routine health checkups, the main one being good health! By visiting your doctor routinely, they will be able to keep track of your health and have something to compare it to. This way, they can easily tell when an issue presents itself. 

Health checkups are the best prevention for serious health issues. Even if you feel fine and think you are as healthy as ever, it won’t hurt to be sure. With routine checkups, your doctor becomes an expert on you and your health!

Tips to improve your experience at your health checkup:

  • Do research to find the right doctor for you by looking at Google reviews and asking your family and friends for recommendations
  • Call the office to talk to the receptionist and ask any clarifying questions you have
  • Book your checkup in advance
  • Arrive early to your appointment
  • Bring a list of questions you have for your doctor so you don’t forget them
  • Ask a relative or close friend to join you so you feel more comfortable

Do you have the best health insurance?

It’s important to have the best insurance possible when going to your next health checkup. I’d love to help you get all you can from your health insurance. Get your free quote today or call me at 574-306-2028.