Anthem Enhanced Choice: What This Means For You!

A large portion of the American population lives without health coverage. There are many reasons why this is the case. Some employers simply do not offer health insurance. Other individuals may be part-time or recently unemployed. Still others cannot afford a marketplace policy on their own.

For the people who simply cannot afford to pay for an insurance plan without assistance, there is another option. Anthem Enhanced Choice offers more people in the state of Indiana the health coverage they need and deserve.

How Does Anthem Enhanced Choice Work?

Under Anthem Enhanced Choice, there are six separate plans you can choose from, depending on what you or your family needs covered.

Your individual deductible will be determined by which plan you choose and the size of your household.

For all plan options, you will need to pay a $35 copay for primary care visits and a $70 copay for specialist visits. However, this copay amount is significantly lower than many other insurance plans, making Anthem Enhanced Choice a viable option for more people.

With Anthem Enhanced Choice, you are eligible to apply only once for nearly 36 months of total coverage. Unlike most insurance plans, Anthem Enhanced Choice lets you apply all year round—not just during open enrollment. This added flexibility means Anthem Enhanced Choice is a great option for people transitioning between insurance plans and looking for a temporary placeholder insurance plan.

What Are The Benefits Of Anthem Enhanced Choice?

For those who enroll in Anthem Enhanced Choice, many additional benefits are offered.

Preexisting Conditions

For one, preexisting conditions are covered right from the start for enrolled members. This offers significantly more flexibility than other private insurance plans. If you have preexisting conditions that may exclude you from other insurance plans, you may want to consider Anthem Enhanced Choice for you or a family member.

Preventive Care

All your preventive care visits—like shots and screening test—will be covered at 100% with no additional cost to you.

Drug Coverage

Prescriptions and drug coverage can often result in expensive, additional payments. Anthem Enhanced Choice offers prescription drug coverage with affordable out-of-pocket copays to all members.

Access to Quality Care

With all six plan options, you are guaranteed access to quality doctors, care centers, and hospitals from Anthem’s network.

No Referrals

In order to see a specialist, a lot of primary insurance companies require a referral from your primary care physician. Without one, insurance won’t cover the cost of your care. With Anthem Enhanced Choice, no referrals are required for a specialist visit, allowing you to receive care in a timely and efficient way.

Digital Accessibility

Another interesting perk of this insurance plan is that members are offered a fully digital experience. All your plan-related communications will be handled through email and online interactions, giving you even more freedom in the way you receive care.

Who Is Best Suited For An Anthem Enhanced Choice Plan?

Anthem Enhanced Choice is the perfect solution for hardworking Americans who do not qualify for financial assistance through the Affordable Care Act.

For those interested in Anthem Enhanced Choice, it’s important to note that you can only stay on this plan for three years, due to regulations put in place by the Trump administration.

Given this reduced timeline, Anthem Enhanced is a perfect option for college students, or anyone transitioning between insurance plans. For example, those moving from work insurance to private insurance, people transitioning between their parent’s insurance to their own plan, or those moving to or from Medicare or Medicaid and needing insurance in the meantime would do well to consider Anthem Enhanced Choice.

Do You Want To Learn More About Anthem Enhanced Choice?

There are a variety of Anthem Enhanced Choice Plans available to you. Learning about your options and comparing different plan benefits can help you understand all the routes available to you.

If you’re wondering whether an Anthem Enhanced Choice Plan is right for you, talk with experienced insurance agent, Michael Suhany. He can walk you through the process and pick a plan that works for your lifestyle. Contact Michael today.