5 Health Insurance Myths

Every health insurance agent is asked many different questions and hears many different myths. In this blog, we are going to address 5 of the most common myths about health insurance, and hopefully clear up any confusion or misinformation!

  • Young/healthy people don’t need good health insurance

Many people think that when you are young, health insurance is not important. This is a very limited view on life since no one knows what could happen tomorrow. While it is true you may be less likely to develop a disease, it is still possible. In fact, the best time to buy health insurance is when you are healthy and don’t need it! If you ever have a major medical disaster, you will never regret having good health insurance.

  • Health insurance starts the day I purchase it

This is another misconception health insurance agents hear. Many people think that if they go buy health insurance when they need it, they can turn around and use it. The fact is that health insurance can only be purchased at specific times of the year and only becomes effective on the first day of the following month.

  • Go cheapest

While it isn’t a bad idea to try to save money, it isn’t always a good plan when it comes to health insurance. Many people don’t plan on using their policy, so they go with the cheapest plan they can.  However, this means that you will have a massive deductible and if something were to happen, you may not be able to cover this amount. It also may reduce the amount of benefits you receive, which can also cost you more long term.

  • Insurance will pay for all medical costs

While this may seem like the purpose of insurance, it isn’t actually true. There are many different plans, and not all of them will cover everything. For example, if you have a copay, then that means you’ll have to pay a portion of all expenses. Or, you may have to pay for medicine out of your own pocket. The plan you have will change how much you have to pay out of pocket. You should talk to a health insurance agent to determine what plan is best for you.

  • I should just buy health insurance online

It can seem easier and cheaper to purchase internet online, but this isn’t true at all. Using a health insurance agent will cost you nothing. Plus, you can talk face to face with a person, and they can answer all of your questions. This will ensure you understand your policy. Instead of going online and looking for the cheapest health insurance policy you can find, we would suggest talking to a local health insurance agent!